University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Erickson Hall

Baltimore, Maryland

  • FIRM

    Marks, Thomas Architects


    Erickson Foundation and University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • AREA

    145,500 sq.ft.





Erickson Hall was designed to provide more on-campus undergraduate housing and to better integrate the residential and academic aspects of campus.

Situated between the library and athletic fields on one side and existing housing on another, Erickson Hall, with a semi-enclosed courtyard and open walkways, creates a physical and communal link between academic ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY483COST PER SQ FT$97.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio and student housing. The lower levels provide administrative offices for the Office of Residential Life, Student Health Services, and the Shriver Living/Learning Center, while the upper floors house 483 students in suites.

Commons areas, filled with natural light from oversized windows, provide space for studying and socialization.