Hamilton High School (Chandler, Ariz.)

Chandler, Arizona

  • FIRM



    Chandler Unified School District No. 80

  • AREA

    387,000 sq.ft.





Located in rapidly growing Chandler, Ariz., Hamilton High School provides Chandler Unified School District with flexibility, community use and advanced technology capabilities.

An interactive, site-based design process enabled administration, community, teachers, students and the design team to create this state-of-the-art, 387,000-square-foot mall concept ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY3,000COST PER SQ FT$85.27FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio 3,000 students under one roof on 78 acres.

The closed campus features a food court offering a variety of six different food choices. The gymnasium features three regulation basketball courts with 5,000 spectator seats. A 615-seat performing-arts auditorium is accessed by a mall commons interconnecting all educational activities. Classroom wings organized around satellite administration/teacher-support areas permit either school-within-a-school or traditional departmental curriculum arrangement.

A central plant HVAC system offer a hybrid 4-pipe chilled/heated water system for large volume space, and 2-pipe chilled water/electric reheat system for classrooms.

Chandler Public Library joined with the district to incorporate a public-branch library into the facility. Included are computer-training rooms, Internet connectivity, automated book check, and media retrieval. Classrooms feature six computers, media retrieval and a TV/monitor/phone for distance learning.