Little Miami High School

Morrow, Ohio

  • FIRM



    Little Miami Local School District

  • AREA

    140,090 sq.ft.





From its strong, classic appearance, featuring an octagonal roof, cupola and arched windows, to its specialized classrooms, Little Miami High School truly serves its customers.

The school brings the community together through the building’s extensive community-use design. The gymnasium, auditorium, media center and computer labs are accessible through a separate ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$94.51FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio that provides year-round community learning and event use. Partitioned classrooms off the main corridor offer flexibility for public meetings, continuing education or technology training.

To meet changing needs, the design of the academic area enables classrooms to be grouped by grade level or by discipline. The common areas and infrastructure of the school were designed with increasing enrollment in mind.

The school also supports access to a variety of work experiences. Students can learn the local furniture trade in the spacious woodshop, produce a radio show or community cable TV event in the radio/television booth, or explore disciplines such as electronics and engineering in the industrial-technology lab. An airbrushing studio prepares students for summer jobs at a local amusement park.