Central Mountain High School

Mill Hall, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    Quad Three Group


    Keystone Central School District

  • AREA

    149,000 sq.ft.





The new high school is situated on 47.5 acres in rural Pennsylvania and consolidates three schools.

The design incorporates many concepts to enhance learning, security and community. Computer rooms have direct access to the library. Family and consumer science have direct access to the computer rooms and an exterior entrance. Art rooms have direct access to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,100COST PER SQ FT$101.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio construction/manufacturing area and technology labs.

The school is a small village designed as the center of the community. A 35-foot, hand-selected white oak is planted near the entry as a natural centerpiece. The classroom doors are glass with sidelights.

Roof forms echo the indigenous farm architecture. Timbers and wood products were introduced on the interior as a connection to the lumber industry, which employs 70 percent of the area’s working population. A bell tower with a cast bell is designed as a focal point.

Separate computer and cable/phone jacks are in place, as well as overhead concealed cable trays for easy adaptation to technology. Village streets were created to promote social interaction, and village centers were created for large-group interaction and group teaching. At the center of the village is the “town square,” in this instance an outdoor courtyard. The courtyard is open to the students during free periods, used as an outdoor classroom and visually connects the landscape.