Burlington High School

Burlington, Washington

This new high school provides traditional elements such as classrooms, labs, physical education, consumer education, technical education, commons/cafeteria and an auditorium. The building has unique features that recognize school needs as well as increased community use. Some of these include a four-station fieldhouse, food-court-style food service, a TV/radio station ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,500COST PER SQ FT$82.50FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio security elements. The facility is used by a neighboring wellness center and local technical college.

The result is a two-story building organized into wings. One curved wing provides views of the nearby lake and reduces the perceived length of corridors. The wings also serve to organize academic departments and other functions into identifiable pieces, and disperse the large student population. This breaks down the large scale of the building. This organization is reinforced on the inside via color and material, and on the outside by patterned face brick and decorative concrete block. The resulting courtyard is used for instructional purposes and special events.

The result is not only a high school but also a community centerpiece.