Paw Paw High School

Paw Paw, Michigan

  • FIRM



    Paw Paw Public Schools

  • AREA

    121,700 sq.ft.





Located in a small town that is part suburban, part rural, this high school was designed to augment community facilities with its first-class gym and easily accessible cafeteria.

The school boasts a main gym that contains two high-school competition courts and an auxiliary gym with a court that meets college specifications. This allows a basketball game and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY630COST PER SQ FT$108.50FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio match to be played simultaneously. The cafeteria, with front door presence and its own entrance, includes a stage area and was designed for community functions, as well as traditional school food service.

Separating the noisy side of the building from the academic side is a commons area. Immediately adjacent is the media center, which showcases four computer labs—a drop-in lab, business lab, distance-learning lab and media-center lab.

The academic wings currently are organized by department, although they can support team teaching. Between the academic departments are science labs and life skills, which correspond to the departments on either side.

Anticipating district growth, the plan is designed for future additions, such as an auditorium.

Photographer: ©Carr Cialdella Photography