Emmaus High School

Emmaus, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    Architectural Studio


    East Penn Area School District

  • AREA

    390,000 sq.ft.





The project was unusual because of its complexity: a senior high school needed to be joined to a junior high about 200 feet away; and 125,000 square feet of new space needed to be added to 268,000 square feet of extensively renovated space. The school itself was to remain for more than 2,000 students during all phases of the project while changing the facility’s grade ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMSnyder Hoffman AssociatesCAPACITY2,400COST PER SQ FT$102.50FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio from 7-12 to 9-12. The process was accomplished through a five-year phased construction program. Construction began with a new media center wing, which physically and symbolically linked the two existing buildings.

Architecturally, the goal was to retain and honor the original, strong 1950s design while celebrating the change and technological possibilities of the new century, particularly in the use of new, often highly visible computer and communications systems. The proportions, scale and materials of the original building are echoed in the new additions, but the school is transformed through the use of larger window areas, exposed structure and mechanical systems and new color palette.