Clarendon Hills Middle School

Clarendon Hills, Illinois

  • FIRM

    STR Partners LLC


    Community Consolidated School District 181

  • AREA

    89,000 sq.ft.





Situated within a beautiful public park, this middle school is designed to enhance the district’s rigorous program of multi-subject, interdisciplinary academic teams while offering resource-sharing with the community.

Conceived through a school district/park district land swap and public referendum, this masonry-clad, steel-framed building features a three-story ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY650COST PER SQ FT$147.94FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio wing organized to create smaller schools within a school. The sixth, seventh and eighth grades are housed on their own floors, which are each equipped with teacher support facilities, flexible teaching spaces, and a variable-air-volume HVAC system.

A program of individual teaching spaces is coupled with two sets of classrooms on each floor that combine for larger group instruction. The more specialized classrooms for science, art, applied technology, consumer science and special education are brought into the center of the academic building, incorporating these subjects into the core curriculum.

A source of pride for the village, the building takes advantage of its garden-like surroundings and reflects the historic neighborhood’s aesthetics. School resources shared with the community include classrooms, assorted computer technologies, a cafetorium with stage, and park district community center, as well as park tennis courts and playing fields.