Shawnee Middle School

Shawnee, Oklahoma

  • FIRM

    LWPB Architecture


    Shawnee Public Schools

  • AREA

    117,791 sq.ft.





The Shawnee Middle School site, which was donated by a local patron, has a deep ravine with a creek bisecting the property. The building is between the creek and a city street. The narrow site led to the development of a linear plan maximizing views to the creek.

The planning and educational concept of commons for each grade allowed each of the sixth, seventh and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY850COST PER SQ FT$63.96FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio grades to be self-contained, yet share all supporting areas. The commons areas are used for group teaching along with large-group activities, and are situated to capitalize on the beautiful view of the greenbelt and creek.

Each grade-level area is identified by its own unique wall, locker and signage color to assist in wayfinding.

Supporting areas include library/media center, gymnasium, music, cafeteria and administration area, which are connected through a central spine. Since the support areas are at one end of the school, they can be blocked off and used by the community.