Riley Street Middle School

Hudsonville, Michigan

Riley Street Middle School is a “sister” facility of the district’s first middle school, but modified slightly. Each building, although similar, has its own identity. This design approach saved money and reduced the schedule.

The 47-acre site is part of a larger campus. This middle school, which houses 560 sixth- to eighth-graders, is on the same site as an ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY560COST PER SQ FT$92.65FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio and shares outdoor athletic facilities.

The two-story academic wing offers 13 classrooms, three science rooms and an art room, and is separated from the performance/athletic wing by the cafetorium. The media center is near the cafetorium, and has a computer lab and reading alcove.

From terrazzo in corridors to vinyl in classrooms to windows and carpet patterns, this facility uses a diamond motif to shape its identity. Color, from paint to floor covering to upholsteries, creates a stimulating and vibrant interior. Materials are durable, aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance.

The building is full masonry construction inside and out. Central AC units with VAV systems have direct-digital controls. A fire-protection system covers the entire building. Fiber-optic cabling connects the distribution hubs with Category 5E wiring. Each area in the building has unique direct and indirect light sources.