Carroll Middle School

Carroll, Iowa

  • FIRM

    FRK Architects + Engineers


    Carroll Community School District

  • AREA

    81,000 sq.ft.





The town of Carroll is the fastest-growing city in western Iowa, fueled by a quality of life based around education. Carroll Middle School is a result of this growth. Located on the edge of the expansion and adjacent to the high school, it forms an educational campus. As the city grows, the building and campus are designed to become the heart of the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMFarris Engineering, Inc.CAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$75.54FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio community.

As urban issues shape the big picture, the building responds by creating an environment that is scaled to the size and concerns of the middle school students, while maintaining maximum flexibility for future growth and change. Classrooms are organized into houses, each with science rooms, special education, team spaces, toilets and a skylighted central space.

Just as the community revolves around education, the school’s houses are arranged around their own center of knowledge—the vaulted space of the media center. Technology spreads throughout, from the central computer rooms to the TV/data connections that branch out to each classroom. The community is invited in, with countless activities occurring in the commons and gymnasium designed for just that purpose.