Oak Grove Primary School

Oak Grove, Louisiana

In addition to answering the educational needs of a rapidly growing area, this school of 750 K-4 students has become the pride of the community and a unifying force for the Oak Grove area. Inclusion of the teachers and the staff in the early planning stages made them a part of the design team and enthusiastic supporters of the developed concept.

The narrow, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY750COST PER SQ FT$67.74FEATURED IN1998 Architectural Portfolio oak-framed site, along with a limited budget, necessitated a compact plan. The starburst layout provided the compactness required and located classrooms near the core spaces, such as administration, speech lab, guidance, computer lab, library and cafeteria.

Each wing is dedicated to a grade. The pitched roof and brick exterior blended in with the residential character of the neighborhood. Vivid colors are used to help create a special identity for the students. Vinyl composition (patterned) floors, epoxy-coated blockwork, plastic-laminate-covered doors, and suspended acoustical ceilings are used throughout for easy maintenance, as well as economy.

Photographer: ©Charles Breard