Millburn School

Old Mill Creek, Illinois


    Millburn Community Consolidated School District 24

  • AREA

    101,878 sq.ft.





The design challenge at Millburn School was to double the number of classrooms, and add new core spaces, a new library, new administrative offices and a new entrance, while joining the new building seamlessly to the old.

The design uses a barrel-vaulted entrance as the center of the larger building. The arcade provides shelter for pickups and dropoffs, and is ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY720COST PER SQ FT$110.00FEATURED IN2001 Architectural Portfolio as the new entry point for the school. The barrel vault reappears in the new library space, located centrally in the building.

Kindergarten classrooms are on the first floor of the addition, and each of the four classrooms has a large bay window that provides a seating area within the classroom, and younger students can easily pick out their classrooms from the front entrance.

Site planning was based on joining the new circulation to the existing corridors, providing an ample courtyard for exterior exposure to interior classrooms, and locating the addition so that the existing school could remain in operation during construction.