Pinckney Community High School

Pinckney, Michigan

  • FIRM

    TMP Architecture, Inc.


    Pinckney Community Schools

  • AREA

    350,000 sq.ft.





The design of this new high school is the result of fast-track planning required to accommodate an explosion of the student population.

Interdisciplinary teaching is the central theme, and the planning accommodates this goal with a flexible floor plan and a compact building. The plan fosters interaction and promotes clarity to the circulation in this large building. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$115.80CITATIONHigh School CitationFEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio and students encounter a layout that places all major functions within a reasonable walking distance from the front door. Instructional technology is integrated into the school.

The building is organized into two major components—the academic wing and the “specials” wing. Linking these two areas are the student commons/dining area, and the administrative and student-services offices. The “specials” wing contains spaces for athletics, performing arts and the applied-technology center.

The school belongs to a consortium of high schools that share vocational-technology programs. It was necessary to integrate the program into the high school curriculum and allow visiting students building access. An important design ingredient was to plan for flexibility in the lab spaces to accommodate future curriculum refinement. The vocational-technology area contains the following spaces: auto lab, CAD labs, electronic classroom, fabrication lab, robotics lab and metals lab.

"This high school will stand the test of time. The use of technology as a tool is evident throughout the building."—2000 Architectural Portfolio jury

Photographer: ©Christopher Lark