Charles M. Burke Elementary School

Duson, Louisiana

Charles M. Burke Elementary School is a pre-K to 5 campus in rural Lafayette Parish. The design reflects the traditional attributes of the community and emphasizes children as the main concern. Creative brick patterning and colorful roofs give students a feeling of fun and excitement.

The exterior is brick veneer on metal studs and a structural-steel frame. Easily ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$96.00FEATURED IN2000 Architectural Portfolio materials were used on the interior, including a combination of terrazzo and carpet. Wall-covering allows for the display of student artwork. The mechanical system is primarily a central plant (air-cooled chillers and boiler) with separate DX systems in areas that run beyond normal schedules.

All halls lead to the library, located in the heart of the building. The three wings are: Library, Administration, Cafetorium/Physical Education; pre-K to 2; 3 to 5.

Each grade-level area surrounds a core with restrooms, teacher workroom and support areas.

Computerized learning and advanced technology is key, with all classrooms, offices and support spaces equipped with computers and a networked multimedia control center.

Photographer: ©Hatterphotographics