University of Connecticut Quad Restoration

Storrs, Connecticut

As part of an overall campus beautification and pedestrian effort, the University enlisted the help of Copley Wolff Design Group to plan and design the refurbishment of a number of prominent courtyards located on the Storr’s campus. Key objectives for the refurbishment include addressing current accessibility issues; increasing and easing pedestrian circulation; incorporating new and existing art elements; and enhancing general aesthetic.

The new Sundial Plaza repositions the original historic sundial as the center piece within the new exterior student gathering space. The sundial was elevated on a multi-tiered granite base for added prominence and increased flexible seating. Perimeter circular granite seat walls and permeable precast pavers provide additional seating opportunities, while also capturing storm water locally.  The plaza is surrounded by a variety of rose bushes and additional trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and bulbs provide additional seasonal interest within the space.

Separating pedestrian and vehicular/service access was a key component for the renovation of the Business School Quad. A designated service drive with loading zones and accessible parking spaces was integrated into the design while the rest of the quad remained free of vehicles. A new tree-lined pedestrian walkway connects the library, new plaza at the Peace and Dove sculpture, and Gamble Pavilion. Canopy trees and shrubs help provide seasonal interest throughout the year, frame views, scale, and screening within the open space.  An outdoor terrace was added near the School of Business café and a plaza was designed around the Peace and Dove sculpture in the center of the quad.