University of North Dakota, Gorecki Alumni Center

Grand Forks, North Dakota

  • FIRM

    JLG Architects


    University of North Dakota / University of North Dakota Alumni Association & Foundation

  • AREA

    32,492 sq.ft.





The Gorecki Alumni Center serves as a new cornerstone for events, prospective students, alumni, and visitors to the University of North Dakota. North Dakota's first and only LEED Platinum certified building, which replaces a smaller, older facility, acts as a statement to the university's commitment to sustainability and creating a healthy environment for ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$323.15CITATIONPost-Secondary CitationFEATURED IN2014 Architectural Portfolio students, faculty, and community. With a multitude of sustainable features, the Gorecki Alumni Center is the greenest building of its type in the United States. A massive brise soleil creates effective solar protection and cools the building passively. Other sustainable building practices include an optimized mechanical and ventilation system, which has improved indoor air quality by 100 percent, an underground geothermal system, saving the building over 800,000,000 BTUs a year, and a storm water management system, which prevents up to 90 percent of groundwater from becoming polluted. Green is more than a school color at UND; it is a way of life.