Liberty University, Center for Cinematic Arts

Lynchburg, Virginia

The Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Va., is designed to engage students actively in the digital and media delivery revolution that is transforming all areas of contemporary culture. One of the most coveted facilities in the center is the THX certified mixing room, the only THX-certified dubbing stage in an institution worldwide.

This room required many acoustical considerations to become THX-certified. ASI was tasked with preventing transmission of foreign sound into the room and keeping audio as clear as possible. Acoustical Solutions' turnkey treatment included sound-absorbing Acoustical Stretch Walls, Iso-Step Floor Underlayment, Isolation Hangers and Overly Soundproof Doors.

According to the center's executive director Stephan Schultze, classroom attendance caps were raised twice last year, to 60 students per class, to accommodate interest in class offerings.

Last semester, the program held three workshops featuring industry professionals such as Kirk Cameron, whose session took place in the THX mixing room.

“[Students] will not only know how to make a movie, but will know how to make a living doing it,” says Schultze.