Oak Glen Elementary School, Addition

Lansing, Illinois

  • FIRM

    JMA Architects


    Lansing School District 158

  • AREA

    80,846 sq.ft.





The educational requirements for this 80,846-square-foot, $13,978,424 renovation and addition were to accommodate a growing enrollment, offer a safe environment with room for curriculum growth and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies into each learning space. In 2011, the District moved forward with a two-phased, two-year expansion project culminating in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY780COST PER SQ FT$172.90FEATURED IN2013 Architectural Portfolio of an almost totally new elementary school facility; only the existing cafeteria, kitchen and office spaces remained and were renovated.

The architect's challenge was to have the facility remain in full use, with minimal disruption, while incrementally moving students and staff safely to new areas. This was accomplished while keeping students and faculty safe, meeting time and budget constraints, and providing a totally new look to the outdated structure. Outdated pie-shaped classrooms in circular pods were replaced with bright and spacious grade-friendly communities for learning. Energy- efficient lighting and HVAC systems are controlled remotely by the district, and classroom teachers control smartboard technology from their desks.