Johns Hopkins University, School of Nursing

Baltimore, Maryland

  • FIRM



    Johns Hopkins University, School of Nursing

  • AREA

    96,500 sq.ft.





The project involves the construction of a five-story, 96,500-square-foot nursing school on the eastern edge of a major medical center campus. The facility contains classrooms, an auditorium, seminar rooms, offices, simulated nursing-skills labs, research laboratories, library, cafe, student lounge and other ancillary spaces.

The long and narrow site fronts on a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY514COST PER SQ FT$153.00FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio street and provides a rare freestanding area on a medical campus. The building consciously seeks to reaffirm the important status of the nursing profession and remove from being, as the client said, “a handmaiden to the medical profession.” The design of the building also reflects the administrative independence of the school from the hospital and medical center.

The site provided an opportunity to express the importance of the profession and its tradition of compassion and openness.

In contrast to many medical-related facilities, the nursing school welcomes students, faculty and visitors with clarity and warmth. The organization of the building places all public functions on the main level, and all classrooms and offices on the upper levels. The main entrance is located cattycorner to the main entrance to the hospital, making it easy for nurses and doctors to move between facilities. The student dining area is located adjacent to a landscaped courtyard that provides a civilized retreat from the stress of a major medical center.

The exterior facade features buff-colored precast that is reminiscent of the other teaching buildings on campus, while red brick at the base connects the building to the historic hospital facilities across the street. The building features large windows, providing extensive natural light to numerous interior areas for formal and informal gatherings.

Photographer: ©Alan Karchmer