Beatrice High School

Beatrice, Nebraska

This southeast Nebraska facility exemplifies its community’s history of commitment to leadership in education. Its parallel mission to integrate many activities as a true community center resulted in unprecedented patron support, recognizing a hand-in-hand relationship of education balanced with economic prudence and efficiency.

Direction of the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMPurdy & Slack, Technical Services ConsultantCAPACITY900COST PER SQ FT$57.29FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio educator/community/technical project team came through a specialized, independent education facilities consultant, thus greatly increasing district control of educational-delivery quality and cost/value ratios well beyond those accessed in traditional, architect-led processes. The approach used multilevel, comprehensive project-cost-management systems developed by the architect.

Flexibility clearly dominated planning for educational delivery in a variety of conducive settings. Integrated technologies/systems changes are deliberately beyond state-of-the-art. The resultant structure is an efficient envelope, serving present and decades of changes in education.

Education design concepts are blended with shared community-use elements such as the 860-seat Hevelone Center for Performing Arts. This auditorium-plus boasts high teaching and technology flexibility within a variety of drama, musical and other uses, served in a fine acoustic setting including a full, wraparound balcony.

Activity areas also include a large school/community commons, a competitive gym seating more than 2,000, and supportive fitness and practice areas easily accessed for both school and community use.

Photographer: ©Paul Brokering Photography