St Croix Central High School

Hammond, Wisconsin

The community was intimately involved in selecting the prairie-style design and layout of this rural school. The building complements and embellishes the surrounding landscape of rolling hills and prairie grass.

The design has distinct wings that spiral off a central core. The focal point of the central core is the large open commons. In addition to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY400COST PER SQ FT$80.19FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio activities, the commons is used for large-group presentations, performing arts and other community activities. The ceiling and walls are designed to dampen noise when used as the food court. However, with the use of a stepped ceiling, reflective sound surfaces and panels, this multipurpose area offers auditorium-like acoustics.

The wings are designed to allow for after-hours or summer use with limited access or conflicts between functions. They are arranged in the following disciplines to facilitate co-curricular planning and sharing of resources: central core, including library, offices, commons and other shared programs; athletic and music programs; math, science, and tech-education; language, arts and social studies.

All classrooms have a telephone, Internet access and networking capability. A multipurpose distance-learning room offers interactive learning opportunities.

The mechanical/electrical systems are operated by a computerized management system. The use of low voltage lighting and photocell/output control minimizes energy use. Classroom lights and temperature all can be controlled from the central office.

Photographer: ©Jerry Swanson