Reedsburg High School

Reedsburg, Wisconsin

  • FIRM

    Bray Architects


    Reedsburg School District

  • AREA

    265,000 sq.ft.





The new facility was designed with resource rooms, which are shared between the various academic departments. This allows students to work individually or in small groups away from the classroom atmosphere.

Using the large commons area as a hub, the library, gymnasium and future auditorium are located near the main entrance, and can be secured from the rest of the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY950COST PER SQ FT$85.77FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio for community use. Natural daylight was introduced into this area through the use of clerestory windows above the main offices.

Entrance is gained into the second-floor fully computerized library through the use of two monumental stairs, located in the commons. Adjacent to the library is an 88-seat large-group instruction room, a computer lab and a distance-learning lab, which are all available for community use.

The walls between classrooms are non-load-bearing metal studs, allowing for greater flexibility as programs change. There also is a network of cable trays above the ceiling for the wiring of the various technologies and for ease of adding new technology in the future.

Photographer: ©Demaio Photography