Hamilton College, Kirner-Johnson Social Sciences Building

Clinton, New York

  • FIRM



    Hamilton College

  • AREA

    90,000 sq.ft.





The Kirner-Johnson Building is a 51,000-square-foot building constructed in 1971. The facility houses academic functions of economics, history, sociology, political science, anthropology, public affairs, writing center and oral communications center.

The architect was commissioned to provide renovation and expansion services to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$255.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio building, which is part of a multi-building complex for the visual and performing arts, student social interaction and dining. The architect, having previously worked on several of the complex’s buildings, understood how careful planning would help retain the building’s integrity and enhance the college’s academic standards.

Phase I includes an addition, which provides 39,000 square feet of flexible and alternative social-science classrooms, seminar spaces, faculty and department offices that will supplement and enhance the teaching facilities.

Central to the building’s design is a daylighted two-story commons with a meandering water feature. It provides the space needed for student activities and informal gathering. The new space is designed to encourage students to stay in the building between classes, thereby increasing student and faculty interaction.

Phase II will renovate 51,000 square feet of existing classroom and faculty office space, and will address accessibility, mechanical, electrical and fire-protection systems.

The project is on track to receive LEED gold certification.