Westside Elementary School

Valdosta, Georgia


A new Westside Elementary K-5 school was designed in 2007, and constructed and occupied in 2008. An existing 15-acre site includes reuse of the gym and music buildings. Recycled concrete slabs were used for a paving base.

The new buildings have space for a future 1,000-student capacity for the common area and 750-student ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY750COST PER SQ FT$115.00FEATURED IN2009 Architectural Portfolio capacity; space for an additional 250 will be added in the future. The two-story design minimized the building footprint and created separate upper- and lower-grade playgrounds. Classrooms are 25 percent larger than state standards to accommodate technology.

The design is responsive to the school board’s need to recycle a historically significant site shared with the community. The generous use of brick, glass and daylighting provides an open, secure and energy-efficient design. Green design features include:

•The use of regional and recycled materials.

•Energy-efficient glazing in large glass lobby.

•Clerestories providing ample natural light.

•Water-saving plumbing fixtures.

•Sensory occupancy lighting.

•Cool roof materials.

•Well-utilized site design.