Orange Grove Magnet Middle School

Tampa, Florida

The program called for the conversion of an existing elementary school into a visual, performing and communication magnet middle school. Built in 1926, the original Neo-Renaissance Revival classroom building served as an organizing element and form-giver for the new school.

The addition, organized around a circulation axis through the existing school’s entrance, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY614COST PER SQ FT$85.43FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio massing and detailing that are respectful of the original design and serve to complete a large, tree-filled courtyard. A smaller courtyard serves as the entrance to the new school, and as a gathering and overflow space for performance and community activities. All special-function spaces (music, drama, etc.) were incorporated into the addition with the existing building serving as general classroom space.

An energy-efficient mechanical system serves the new facility, and a modern data network was integrated throughout the facility. Sound and lighting systems were incorporated in the multipurpose stage area. Opened in 1998, this revitalized facility has created a positive community image and generated a strong student demand.