Middlebrook Middle School

Wilton, Connecticut

  • FIRM

    Fletcher-Thompson, Inc.


    Wilton Public Schools

  • AREA

    34,600 sq.ft.





The existing middle school, which housed grades 6-8, was to be expanded to accommodate an enrollment increase from 600 to 1,000 students. The program was organized around nine teams, with each team comprised of a science lab and five general classrooms.

The solution involved two separate additions, along with significant renovation and reconfiguration of existing ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$92.81FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio to create the required nine-team configuration and associated expanded educational support spaces.

The project added 67,000 square feet of new construction, which houses 36 new classrooms, a commons/lobby and a new gymnasium.

The six team classrooms in the addition are organized around team-forum spaces located off the primary circulation routes, which reduce disruptive corridor traffic and provide opportunities for individual team character.

The new main lobby entrance, designed as the focal point for the complex, efficiently linked the new two-story classroom wing with the existing one-story school.

The existing library doubled in size and integrates technology consistent with a new middle school media center.

Photographers: ©Bernstein Associates