Century Junior High School (Orland Park, Ill.)

Orland Park, Illinois

The site for this new middle school presented a challenge due to a 25-foot grade change between the east and west property lines.

The classroom wing was located along the east property line to take advantage of the terrain by stacking the three classroom grades into the side of the hill. This provided the additional benefits of reducing the footprint of ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$104.96FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio building, placing all classrooms within one level of the common area, reducing the distance between classroom and common areas, and providing emergency egress at grade for all levels.

Building highlights include: advanced use of current technologies with classrooms connected to a central computer network hub and television monitors hooked up to a central cable and video input; classrooms clustered in groups of four that can flex in a few minutes from individual instruction to team-teaching with acoustical movable walls; elevated gym practice area located between the main gym and the cafeteria serves double-duty as a stage for theatrical productions, group events and other community activities.


Photographer: ©HNK Architectural Photography