Barbour School

Rockford, Illinois

Rockford Public Schools’ mission for this new K-8 magnet school is to achieve full Spanish/English fluency and two-way cultural immersion for all students. The design supports this educational program by reinforcing various Latin American cultural traditions within a state-of-the-art physical environment.

Organized around a courtyard, the building’s plan ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMPrimera Engineers, Managing Architect and Architect-of-RecordCAPACITY825COST PER SQ FT$102.00FEATURED IN1999 Architectural Portfolio administrative-office space, a full-service kitchen and dining center, 900- to 1,200-square-foot classrooms, and full special-education facilities. Special-use areas include a multipurpose room, a gymnasium, a library and related work/storage area, a full-size computer classroom, and separate art and music classrooms.

The gymnasium, cafeteria, art, music and multipurpose rooms are grouped in one wing for secured after-hours access.

Photographer: ©Doug Snower Photography