Stonewall Jackson Middle School, Renovation and Addition

Orlando, Florida

  • FIRM

    Rhodes + Brito Architects


    Orange County Public Schools

  • AREA

    166,000 sq.ft.





Students, staff and visitors are delighted with the recent changes made to Stonewall Jackson Middle School. The design team worked closely with the Orange County Public School Board team to economically transform an outdated junior high school (originally constructed in 1964) into a modern middle school. The existing facilities on campus had been designed for 900 ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,348COST PER SQ FT$116.86FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio and required updates to become a 1,348-station school.

Phase I included the construction of two new standalone buildings: a two-story classroom building (38,500 square feet) and a one-level cafetorium building (27,750 square feet) with music suites. The music suites include two spacious classrooms (vocal and band) and practice areas, which incorporate the latest in instructional technology. The new buildings were arranged to create a new courtyard and sightlines to enhance campus security.

Phase II of the project included the 128,000-square-foot renovation and remodel of the existing campus. During this phase, the team relocated the “front door” to a more appropriate location for accessibility and security, creating a dynamic new entrance to the campus. The team also transformed the original cafeteria into an exciting new media center for students.