Cambridge Lakes Learning Center

Pingree Grove, Illinois

  • FIRM



    Northern Kane Educational Corp. with Cambridge Homes

  • AREA

    48,715 sq.ft.





Cambridge Lakes Learning Center in Pingree Grove, Ill., is the first charter school in the state to be initiated by a residential developer, Cambridge Homes. In addition to being one of many value-added elements in this all-inclusive community, it also is an innovative solution to provide space in a crowded public school district.

The first phase of this ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY450COST PER SQ FT$154.35FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio school serving more than 400 students opened in fall 2007 after just seven months of construction. When future building modules are added, the campus will accommodate 1,000 students.

The fast-track construction of this school was accomplished with pre-built modular classroom units clustered around a high-ceilinged, conventionally constructed, central multipurpose space. Each building is home to only two grade levels, and the buildings are connected with enclosed corridors.

Bright colors on floors and walls not only provide an exciting learning environment, but also assist in defining grade levels and specialized areas. Cambridge Lakes Learning Center combines imaginative design with progressive thinking to create a replicable model for other developers and school districts.