North Cedar Elementary School

Mechanicsville, Iowa

North Cedar found overwhelming voter success after partnering with the construction manager to author its long-range facilities and tax-management plan, which calls for maximum educational space and community-use accessibility for each tax dollar.

Building features include a blending of educational delivery areas, providing individual and small-group spaces ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCO FIRMRambo Associates, ArchitectsCAPACITY450COST PER SQ FT$102.03FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio from each of the pre-K to 4 classrooms and special program areas, and large-group instructional and activities areas. Spacious library, resource and technologies areas include a project study center and small-group areas. Exploratory learning centers are provided within each pre-K and kindergarten room, as well as a specialized science and art center.

Shared school and community-use areas include a spacious dining and activities commons, and a flexible multipurpose room with stage and support areas. Security considerations in the design allow activity areas to be open while academic areas remain locked.

High energy performance includes geothermal heating and cooling alongside high-efficiency systems and building envelope design to ensure low long-term operating costs.

Independent cost-management systems saved taxpayers nearly 20 percent compared with area average costs of traditional architect or construction-management approaches.