Sacred Heart Early Childhood Center

Kingston, Massachusetts

The natural beauty of the project site and meticulous maintenance of this independent school immediately kindled the creativity of the architect. The project’s main goal was to create a building that is sensitive to the size of children. Everything within the building, from the stage in the cafetorium to the desks in the classrooms, is scaled for young children. The ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY112COST PER SQ FT$271.00FEATURED IN2008 Architectural Portfolio of the building is meant to appear as if it is made entirely of children’s blocks. Throughout, the interiors are similarly themed colorful accents and playful touches.

The center accommodates 112 children during the day and includes an auditorium that will hold up to 300 people. The Early Childhood Center extends the teaching values of the adjacent elementary school. These focus on providing an outstanding education, teaching responsibility, and providing a caring environment for each child.