Meredith-Dunn School

Louisville, Kentucky

Meredith-Dunn School provides prescriptive instruction to students with learning differences, grades 1 to 12. The program is designed to address a variety of learning profiles (e.g., ADD, sensory integration disorder and auditory processing disorder). The school is in its initial design phase, and the diagnostic curriculum is manifested in the classroom layout and ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY288COST PER SQ FT$175.00FEATURED IN2007 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYWork in Progress of the specialized instruction rooms.

The ability for interaction between adjacent classrooms for multi-grade level activity is a paramount feature of the Meredith-Dunn approach. The architect designed multi-grade-level classroom pods. Each pod incorporates three multi-grade-level classrooms as part of the pod quadrant. A fourth part of the quadrant serves as a group activity classroom. Each classroom has direct access to an exterior classroom.

Additional features serving the program include a diagnostic center for testing and tutoring Meredith-Dunn students, as well as other elementary, secondary and higher-education students in the Louisville community. Two speech/language-therapy rooms, two testing rooms, an occupational-therapy room, art room, music room, two project rooms, a gymnasium and theater/auditorium are integral parts of the overall curriculum.