Boston University, Women’s Soccer and Lacrosse Locker Rooms

Boston, Massachusetts

The architect designed new locker facilities for the Boston University (BU) women’s soccer and lacrosse programs.

They are situated in the basement of Boston University’s Case Center, previously the university’s largest workout gym facility. Now the space includes not only the women’s soccer and lacrosse locker rooms, but also a shared meeting room space, a ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY60COST PER SQ FT$348.68FEATURED IN2007 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYRenovation coaches’ field-sport locker room, display cabinets at the teams’ locker entries, and a new air-handling unit.

Both the soccer and lacrosse suites include 31 wooden, open-fronted lockers, a common lounge space, seven showers, three toilet stalls and a drying space before entering the carpeted locker room area.

The objective of the women’s soccer and lacrosse locker improvements is to encourage the development of teamwork and tenderness by creating dedicated team suites through a cluster of spaces devoted to the individual programs.