Oak Grove Middle School Replacement

Clearwater, Florida

  • FIRM

    Harvard Jolly, Inc.


    Pinellas County School Board

  • AREA

    168,762 sq.ft.





Security and comfort dictated the design of Oak Grove Middle School Replacement. It also meets Pinellas County’s middle school curriculum requirements and educational specifications.

Oak Grove’s entrance was accentuated to aid in wayfinding and enhance the controlled/secure entry sequence for visitors. Upon entering, students are welcomed into a daylighted atrium ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY1,384COST PER SQ FT$127.00FEATURED IN2006 Architectural Portfolio functions as the school’s social hub. The administration’s location—adjacent to the entrance—allows staff to easily monitor this high-traffic community area.

Further design modifications ensured the new school would fit the original footprint in order to minimize disruption of the mature oak grove on campus. Maintaining the grand oak trees was significant because they represent the school’s namesake and provide a serene, park-like setting within an urban neighborhood. The design team also corrected drainage issues by reworking the stormwater flow to remain on school property.

Construction materials include concrete block exterior walls, pre-cast concrete floors, steel bar joists, curved steel trusses over the mall, hurricane-resistant doors and windows, and water-cooled chillers.