Boyer Valley South High School, Middle School and Community Library

Dunlap, Iowa

The district’s communities forged a long-range tax-management plan that incorporated needed updates for educational facilities, as well as a new library shared by the community and school. Economies of these and other shared facilities allowed full developmental reading, technologies, meeting and other easily accessible facilities for the entire community alongside ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMPurdy & Slack ArchitectsCAPACITY425COST PER SQ FT$64.51FEATURED IN2005 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized students.

Flexibility was integrated into the entire plan, including facilities for exploratory learning and small-group educational opportunities.

Independent educational facilities consultants joined administrators and community representatives to optimize the communities’ investment. This cost-management approach saved almost 20 percent compared with statewide average construction costs, and delivered durable, economically operated, leading-edge teaching and community facilities blended with financing that minimized property-tax needs.

The design is welcoming at the spacious community commons. Classrooms, food-service and activities areas are designed for use during and well beyond the school day. The plan provides for academic separation of middle school and high school students, and provision of supportive social-development areas for each group.