Bayside High School

Pinellas County, Florida

Bayside High School is an alternative-education program developed for at-risk, adjudicated or disruptive students. Nontraditional funding teamed the Pinellas County School Board with an array of partners and agencies, such as the sheriff’s department, state’s attorneys office, and the public defender’s office, which often have divergent or ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMWalbridge Aldinger, Inc.CAPACITY500COST PER SQ FT$134.55FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio philosophies.

The programming generated key operative concepts:

•Intuitive wayfinding: clearly articulates paths, destinations and boundaries.

•Security through transparency: circulation and environment that is fully observable.

•Home space: safe, encouraging environment that instills pride of place, self-worth and belonging.

A simple circulation loop generated the armature for the program and design. Defensible space, crime prevention through environmental design, and other security-driven concepts were used to create an open, safe, defensible (interventions or lock-down), and observable environment (from the interior or the exterior). Reduced class sizes, expansive windows, indirect lighting, integrated infrastructure, and use of crisp color and design established an enriched learning environment.

Bayside High represents a commitment to students in need. By encouraging students to achieve, the door is opened to hope, lifelong learning and a purposeful future.