Jose Marti Middle School

Union City, New Jersey

  • FIRM

    RSC Architects


    Union City Board of Education

  • AREA

    132,318 sq.ft.





José Martí Middle School is a forerunner in school design that encourages community use. This well-conceived and attractive facility adds vitality and excitement to the surrounding neighborhood.

One of the creative community components of the design is the media center and public library. The media center, situated on the mezzanine, overlooks the public library, ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY775COST PER SQ FT$181.38FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio the students and public during school hours. After school hours, the media center, adjacent technology lab and art room are open to the community.

Situated in a densely populated city, the middle school also boasts a unique courtyard that provides areas for quiet outdoor reading and lectures.

The educational design concept provides separation between grades, as well as academic and public uses of the building. State-of-the-art classrooms address all areas of curriculum and encourage a hands-on approach to learning.

Other community elements include the Career Opportunity Center, which serves at-risk students and their families, and enables students, parents and community agency representatives to meet in a confidential manner. Also, a health-services suite acts as a clinic to service emergency and non-emergency medical procedures for students and their families.