Greensburg Elementary School

Greensburg, Kentucky

A difficult, steep site demanded attention to detail and close relationships among all spaces and circulation. The resulting compact facility depends on large amounts of natural light and focuses on developing specific exterior activity areas for a highly functional and economical place for children to learn.

The education program identified space needs for ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMRangaswamy & Associates; J.E. Black; CMTA Inc.; H. PowellCAPACITY550COST PER SQ FT$95.38FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio students, pre-K to grade 5, with emphasis on reduced class size, and with enhanced programs for special-needs and gifted students. Bringing natural light into each classroom was paramount. Minimal circulation and travel also were priorities for staff and teachers of younger children.

The architectural response is a rectangular form with major activities at intersections. Connected spaces create a continuous circulation for staff and cut travel by half for students to the administration area, media center, gym and cafeteria. A terraced courtyard provides visual relief, as well as an additional nature classroom and activity space.