Regional Multicultural Magnet School, Additions and Renovations

New London, Connecticut

Increased enrollment resulting from the rising popularity of the multicultural magnet program warranted expansion of the school. The original structure, built in 1874 and listed on the state historic registry, is on a 1.25-acre site that is landlocked by city streets and a cemetery to the north.

The design challenge of this revitalization project included ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCOST PER SQ FT$585.37FEATURED IN2005 Architectural Portfolio new program components while maintaining architectural character and designing a 41,000-square-foot addition compatible with the existing building.

To preserve the historical richness of the 1874 structure, architectural shingles were used to mimic the original polychromatic slate roof. Wood windows were replaced with new, historically accurate windows. Copper gutters and leaders replaced building components long since removed. A transparent entry lobby connects the old building to the addition, allowing the historical building to stand independent of the new construction. It serves to preserve and enhance this important area landmark.