Boston University, Executive Administration Center

Boston, Massachusetts

When Boston University (BU) planned a new home for its school of management, it decided to incorporate space for the administrative headquarters on the top three floors of a new building on Commonwealth Avenue.

The quarters for the chancellor, president and provost had been situated in different locations throughout BU’s campus. The chancellor and president’s ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMUmberto A. Marcucci Ltd.FEATURED IN2005 Educational InteriorsINTERIOR CATEGORYAdministrative Areas/Offices were converted townhouses with views of the Charles River and exquisite old- world charm and detailing of magnificent woodwork, but wholly lacking in meeting modern space and technology requirements. The need to consolidate these functions to one location was important to the university’s function.

The chancellor’s vision of the new headquarters was to provide the level of classic detail that existed in the townhouses within the new building. Understanding that this task would require special skills and experience, the university asked the architects to deliver a modern facility that maintains the character and quality that the old townhouses possessed. The design team grew to include New York-based woodworker Rimi Woodcraft and classical architectural specialist Claudia Mayer of the Classical Design Studio.

The program requirements included suites and staff areas for the president and provost, a trustee boardroom, lounge and food-service facility, a dual-floor kitchen, reception areas with a connecting grand stair, and two elevator lobbies on each floor. One set of elevators was devoted to access from a dedicated lobby for the Executive Center and another to provide access from the rest of the building.

The functions of each room have been designed around a set of primary and tertiary circulation paths. Along with the circulation, intermingling of new and old, the design provides views of the Charles River from the executives’ offices.