Juniata College, Shuster Hall--A Dining Hall/Multipurpose Building

Lake Raystown, Penn Township, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM



    Juniata College

  • AREA

    6,000 sq.ft.



Shuster Hall is the first LEED-certified building at Juniata College’s Raystown Field Station (RFS), providing state-of-the-art field facilities within a unique “green” campus. Juniata College established the RFS to provide special opportunities for environmental research and education inside a living laboratory encompassing 36,000 acres of land and lake.

“A top ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONASSOCIATED FIRMSear BrownCAPACITY100COST PER SQ FT$169.07FEATURED IN2004 Architectural PortfolioSUB CATEGORYSpecialized for Juniata’s new research station is to ensure that our presence on Raystown Lake has a minimal environmental impact on the ecosystem,” says Juniata College president, Thomas Kepple. “Our status as a ‘green’ building gives us a rare opportunity to use the building itself as a teaching tool for students, while also setting an example for other institutions who are interested in environmentally designed buildings.”

Shuster Hall maximizes views of the lake to the east and north, and situates support spaces to the south and west, minimizing solar impact. The lower level houses multipurpose space and adaptable sleeping areas. Shuster Hall is the first four-season building on the site, and will provide an unprecedented teaching and research opportunity in sustainable design and technology.