University of Nebraska Medical Center, Durham Research Center

Omaha, Nebraska

  • FIRM

    HDR Architecture


    University of Nebraska Medical Center

  • AREA

    289,000 sq.ft.





Steady growth in research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center since the early 1980s precipitated the need for new research facilities. Long recognized for its leadership in transplantation and cancer research, the research center supports and encourages growth and leadership in the additional and related fields of neuroscience and stem-cell research.

Through ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY800COST PER SQ FT$266.44FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio design, the facility promotes intellectual exchange and has fostered the continued growth of research grants for these nationally and internationally recognized programs. Research activities were redesigned to be multidisciplinary and problem-based in state-of-the-art lab space.

The new vivarium consolidates functions that had been dispersed throughout the campus and provides additional animal space for the building’s needs. This facilitated operational efficiencies in the comparative medicine department. The animal facility includes holding rooms for various large and small animals with ventilated racks, a 2,300-square-foot transgenic suite, multiple procedure rooms and a surgery suite.

An enclosed pedestrian sky bridge links the research center with the campus across the street.