Butler County Community College, Science, Technology & Cultural Center

Butler, Pennsylvania

  • FIRM

    DRS Architects, Inc.


    Butler County Community College

  • AREA

    72,000 sq.ft.





The Science, Technology & Cultural Center provides a new image of Butler County Community College (BC3), which sits on 322 acres. From the campus mall, one enters this three-story building, nestled into a wooded hillside, at the second level of the atrium. This atrium not only separates two distinct functions, a classroom wing and theater complex, but also provides ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY571COST PER SQ FT$182.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio space for study, conversation and special events.

The 72,000-square-foot center at BC3 was designed to consolidate science and technology classrooms and laboratories in one location, and to integrate multimedia instruction. Within the building are general-purpose, large-group, tiered and distance-learning classrooms; 15 laboratories; and administrative, faculty and support spaces. The center includes a 482-seat theater, professional lighting and audio systems.

Throughout the building, natural light floods the spaces, accenting the earthy colors and materials. Natural sandstone, quarried near the campus, visually anchors the building to the site. The stone contrasts with the exposed interior structure, light multi-fleck walls and pigmented concrete floors. Other sustainable features include operable windows, motion sensors and recycled/recyclable finishes.