Westerville Central High School

Westerville, Ohio

  • FIRM

    Firestone Jaros Mullin


    Westerville City Schools

  • AREA

    332,720 sq.ft.





Westerville Central High School was planned to reflect its organization into a series of academies or academic houses. This plan allows students to focus on particular areas of study that include the arts, technology, consumer science, human services and other programs.

The exterior reflects the building designs of Westerville from the 1930s. The school is sheathed ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCO FIRMTMP ArchitectureCAPACITY1,600COST PER SQ FT$90.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio classic red brick and stone-like masonry to recall many of the civic buildings of that time. Much of this material also is used in the interior, including metal railings throughout the building.

The new high school houses eight academies, which offer students specialized curriculum options. A large media center features individual computer stations, study rooms and study carrels. A media-production lab is connected to the media center and broadcasts school functions.

The focal point of the facility is “Central Avenue,” which serves as the dining area and the main socialization space. The character of Central Avenue is that of a small-town business district complete with storefronts, lampposts and signage.

The 450-seat auditorium features a continental seating arrangement that allows for more seats with better sightlines. The 1,800-seat gymnasium hosts basketball and volleyball games. An additional 250-seat auxiliary gymnasium is directly behind the main gym. Retractable bleachers allow use for both physical-education classes and competitive sporting events.