Scottsburg Middle School

Scottsburg, Indiana

  • FIRM

    VPS Architecture


    Scott County School District 2

  • AREA

    120,900 sq.ft.





The design process involved a three-day charrette with administrators, board members, faculty and students, and resulted in a safe, efficient and attractive learning facility. The unique gable roof creates vaulted interior space and mechanical mezzanines. Three splayed wings separate individual grade levels, allowing for an easy transition of sixth-graders entering the ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY700COST PER SQ FT$110.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio school environment. Functional zoning provides clear division of community spaces from classroom wings for security and acoustical purposes.

Because the site was on a flood plain, it was built up between 4 and 7 feet to enable proper drainage, and a view of neighboring residences and sports fields. Car and bus traffic is accommodated on opposite sides of the building and funnels students into a central location.

High-efficiency lighting and a hybrid VAV-2 pipe mechanical system were used to lower utility costs and maximize energy efficiency.

Classroom instruction is supported by closed-circuit television, video services and several computer labs. Myriad conduits, raceways, cable trays and wire-management systems were built in to ensure that future technologies can be added as needed.