Anne Mason Elementary School

Georgetown, Kentucky

Anne Mason Elementary School is designed to provide students with an exciting educational environment that supports a sense of community within the school and a connection with the larger civic community.

The floor plan arranges the program components around the “main street” and rotunda, which form the heart of the school. As students travel from individual ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY600COST PER SQ FT$114.42FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio to the gymnasium, media center, cafeteria and shared instructional programs, they pass through the main street and rotunda, reinforcing the sense of shared community. The cupola atop the rotunda floods the heart of the school with natural daylight, while the pavers and lamp posts along the main street reflect the character of the local downtown. The scale of the media center interior and the front elevation connects the school to the larger community by recalling the nature of civic meeting spaces such as churches and town halls.