Hebron Station School

Hebron, Maine

  • FIRM

    Lewis + Malm Architecture


    Oxford Hills Schools Administrative District 17

  • AREA

    25,309 sq.ft.





This district, one of the largest school districts in Maine, comprises many rural villages. The district has a large modern high school, and K to 6 education is centered in community schools throughout the district. “Removing the elementary school from a rural community is like tearing the heart out of that community,” says superintendent, Mark Eastman.

After ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY150COST PER SQ FT$150.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio planning meetings, these concepts for a new school emerged:

-A school called the “Hebron Station School” near the site of an old railroad station.

-An inviting central lobby (“solar system” ceiling).

-A fun, playful school (curved colored corridor walls).

-From the lobby, the gym, cafeteria, library and classrooms are secured separately.

-The community library was moved into the school.

-The building was made large enough to be visible from a distance—two floors on a higher elevation.

-Large classroom spaces, as well as project spaces for small groups, including a kitchen.

-A greenhouse space for teaching agriculture was provided in this agriculture-based community.

-A layout that allows for expansion.

-Mechanical equipment was made accessible inside.

The Hebron Station School is a testament to the dedication of the citizens of a small Maine town to the power of “the village” in raising their children.