Chabad Hebrew Academy

San Diego, California

Chabad Hebrew Academy is in San Diego, surrounded by a grove of eucalyptus trees. It has three existing pads that terrace down a sloping site. Seven distinctly different buildings and individualized courtyards provide an alternative to the standard “institutional“ designs found on most campuses.

There are two main intentions for the new school. The first is to ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONCAPACITY588COST PER SQ FT$132.00FEATURED IN2004 Architectural Portfolio the natural environment into the campus. Fragmented masses of the buildings create a village-like campus, allowing for framed views of the natural environment. Surrounding trees and ocean breeze spill into its confines and continue through the courtyards.

The second intention is to provide a sense of identity for the school’s various functions to particular activities and age groups. The various individualized interior and exterior spaces enable the students to “place” themselves within the campus.

This school will help children appreciate the harmony in environments where their unique identities are being defined.

Just as the school has withstood a recent fire disaster, the idea of integration and individuality hopefully will live on throughout each child’s life.